Farmers Market Scramble {Recipe}


Let’s all do the happy Friday dance!!!

Well it’s really only like Wednesday for me, but after Sunday I will be on vacation for 7 days! A bunch of friends and us are going camping in Zion, Utah. So stoked!!


This morning I taught a killer bootcamp with cones and bands. Felt good to mix it up! After class I got in a 8 mile speedy tempo run with Val. Good thing she was with me or I might have turned around at 6 miles!


As you can see we sweated off 10 pounds!! I was so hungry during the run (might have been the 4:30am wake up call) and sprinted to the end for food!!


I have found that Zone Bars for me have a good balance of carbs and protein to fuel my body. They give me energy and keep my satisfied. Also, I am not a huge Gatorade lover, but with the heat, I really crave it.

After the run, Val and I swam 1,400 yds in this beautiful pool! It’s a local gym I bought a month pass for my training!


It was a great swim! I heart Tri-Training 🙂 When I finally got home, I made a Farmers Market Veggie Scramble (aka our backyard).


Farmers Market Scramble


Tomato chopped
One small Red Onion chopped
Green Bell Pepper chopped
Red Pepper chopped
Banana Pepper chopped
Spinach (handful)
3 free range eggs
1 tbsp butter
Salt and pepper to taste


Mix eggs and veggies. Put 1 tbsp butter in skillet add in mixture. Scramble for about 3-5 minutes, enjoy!


Off to work!

What is one way you get protein in, in your diet?


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