First Day of P90X

Where did the day go?! I had such a great day 🙂

Don’t you just love when that happens? Lately I have been majorly a little stressed at work due to the busyness of summer camp starting in less then 10 days!! But I think this mornings Yoga class really helped me. I was able to take time to relax, pray, and breathe. I am making that a priority at lease twice a week!!

After work my girlfriend Asher and I started my first P90X video. Today we did Shoulders and Arms. I am SURE I will feel it in the morning. I wasn’t as sweaty as all the others in the video, but I could sure feel the burn.

I think I need to get either heavier weights or different levels of resistance bands. I am really going to like getting back into weight training 🙂 I still need to take my before pictures!

Working out with friends is fun!

IMG_0106 IMG_0109
IMG_0112 IMG_0114


IMG_0116 IMG_0120


Sadly I can’t find my point and shoots cord so I can’t show you the fun pictures from our evening out with friends 🙁 It was fun! We went to Red Robin and I ordered the Simple Chicken Sandwich with a side salad. I might have stole a lot couple of Hubby’s garlic fries too 🙂



Summer Salad: Mixed Greens, Tomatoes, Chopped Apple, Strawberries, Almonds, with a little Balsamic Vinegar.


Half of this avocado


On three flax crackers


Greek Yogurt



When I got home tonight I made some Hearty Banana Muffins.


There is a birthday in our office tomorrow and we are celebrating with breakfast 🙂


Off to bed to write up my Breathe article for tomorrow. It is time to talk about my marathon training 🙂