First Stop: Ojai California

The best part about Ojai is that it is right outside of Santa Barbara and we have a place to stay for FREE! Thank Forest Home friends!

When Hubby and I arrived we decided that we needed to WALK! Our legs and back were killing us more and more as the hours passed. I think the down hill hiking is what did us in!! We couldn’t wait to get out of the car. 

We went for a lovely walk through downtown Ojai, which is super charming and cute. 


The only thing really open (oh ya it’s Labor Day) was the coolest Candy Shop I have ever been too. Of course we just had to stop in 🙂 If ever in town you got to check it out!


Love this saying, I think I would change it to “Running Makes Life Sweatier” 😉


We realized we had walked into Willy Wonka’s FACTORY…OH WOW!


They had some of the most unusual types of candy, like a dark chocolate bacon bar?! 



We left with a rather large Gummy Bear that Hub’s and I saw on "Unwrapped”.


For dinner we went to the best Country Italian Restaurant I have ever been to, Boccalis!


The last time I was here was with my Ragner Relay team and we just fell in love with it!


They not only grow all of the vegetables but they have a winery right on property!


We had about an hour wait..


I almost ate my menu 😉


Then we sat down and enjoyed the most delicious garlic bread. Every waiting minute was worth it!


To drink I had an Island Blond 🙂



Every time I get a beer in a mug I feel like a pirate..RRRR!

IMG_1682 IMG_1683

I started with a small house salad, felt good to get some veggies in.


Then came this beast! We ordered a medium pepperoni with pineapple. They have by far the best crust I have ever sank my teeth into.


Normally I would get not cheese and leave off the pepperoni, but what the heck we are on vacation 🙂 I had a slice and a half and called it quits, I have to pace myself. We still have 6 more days. We left full and happy!!


Here is our little home for the evening. The living room..


The Kitchen..where I won’t be cooking 😉


our bedroom..


the bathroom ..this shower curtain reminds me of Finding Nemo 🙂


The whole house is BLUE even the bathroom walls!!


Such a fun night and it has only just begun. I did bring Easton, because there are some great bike trails out here and I know just the place to ride to in the morning. I will give you a hint….it rhymes with starnucks?!

Off to snuggle 🙂


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