Tonight’s plans changed a bit. Sadly we didn’t make it out to Palm Springs , Matt was a little under the weather so instead I made us some yummy spaghetti and we are about to watch a movie.

SIDE NOTE——->>>>>>

I played with my camera at work today. I am still learning so much.

First photo in Auto White Balance.


Second photo in Florescent White Balance. See the difference??? I have a long way to go.


Ok back to dinner.

I love that I can just get in the kitchen in whip up dinner while talking on the phone with not just one friend, but two! I could have never done this three years ago.


Whole Wheat Pasta+Ground Turkey Meat+Organic Spinach+Organic Marinara Sauce.


With a sprinkle of parm.


The best part about staying in on a Saturday night, is the outfit I get to wear 😉


A present from Santa 😉


My Grandparents got me some wonderful Starbucks goodies, oh they know ME!


I am going to enjoy a cup of Peppermint Hot Chocolate in my cute little glass mug.


Time to get cozy 😉

P.S. I am falling in love with Picasa all over again!!!! 

2010-12-31 001


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