Happy Wednesday Everyone 🙂

Sadly I missed the new class N-Sane at the gym this morning, but when the body says sleep I listen! My body has been through a lot these past four days and I knew it was in major need of a rest day. Shoot I am climbing a mountain in two days REST REST REST!!!

Speaking of climbing a mountain, we leave TOMORROW!!! I haven’t really packed, but what’s there to pack when you have to carry everything on your back?? I am not really nervous about the climb, more about having to carry our POOP everywhere! Yep, that’s right you have to pick up you POOP. Hubby and I have come up with some great tools hopefully, but I am not looking forward to that part.

I won’t mind the no showers and no phone service. Nothing like getting away and being FREE!!!

HELP: Here is where I need a little creativity?? What can I bring that is light and only needs to be warmed up or can add warm water to it for meals??

Breakfast: Oatmeal, Bagels, Banana, AB

Snacks: Cliff Bars, Trail Mix, Beef Jerky, Fruit 

Lunch: ….no idea..more pb sandwiched?

Dinner: Canned soup?..need more ideas!!!  Hubby is going to live off of Top Ramen!


I am cleaning up the kitchen so I made a simple bowl of cereal. The stars of the show 🙂



Health and Wellness Workshop

Yesterday’s Workshop was a lot of fun thanks everyone for the support! I made everyone Green Monsters and they loved my granola bars I made them.

Here is the slide show:

Have a great day everyone!!

See you all tonight for the packing extravaganza 🙂

Question: Well, I really need help with ideas for back packing foods!!


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