Doing the HAPPY DANCE over here 12 long wonderful days of vacation here we come!!

In order to prepare for our trip we thought we would fatten up eat some really good Thai food at our favorite restaurant. We ordered our usual..Yellow Curry for me..


With Brown Rice.



Smile for the camera love..


Much better 🙂 Orange Chicken for him!


How cute is this piece of Hubby’s chicken I stole? It’s a HEART!


RANDOM THOUGHT—–>>>OH MY OH MY OH MY I am going to be shower less, potty less, phone less, computer less, for the next FOUR DAYS..OH MY!!—————>>>>>>

After dinner we swung by the grocery store and picked up our grub for the trip. THANK YOU all for all the AMAZING IDEAS!! Seriously you made our shopping trip WAY less stressful.


We condensed a lot of it into ziplock bags 🙂


All the camping gear.


I can’t believe I got everything to FIT! I basically just threw in some old t-shirts, yoga pants, hiking pants, long johns, tank tops, and undergarments. If anything I will just layer up 🙂 I also have a half the food in there!!! OH MY!! 


I have a 6 mile run with Susie in the morning, so I am heading straight to bed. I hope I can sleep, I always get so nervous before a big trip!

Question: Should I take my Canon Rebel?? Or my point and shoot cybershot??? I really don’t have room for my big camera, but I want to get GREAT pictures…decisions..decisions..

P.S. Are there are any San Francisco Readers out there that would like to join me on my long run next weekend ?? That would be awesome!!! September 11 or 12th??? Shoot me an email!!!


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  1. Hello, I check your blog daily. Your story-telling style is witty, keep up the good

  2. 1 version is even better.