Fun Guest Post: NewlyWife Trys a GM!

Megan from NewlyWife

Hi guys! 

Thanks Bobbi for letting me guest post over here, it is such a privilege!

I’m Megan from Newly Wife.  You may remember me as that other girl with Bobbi at Fresh and Easy.  I am half of the NorCal / So Cal cousin blogging team that discusses life as a newlywed.  We have only been blogging for a few months, but I have been blogging on my own and reading blogs for much longer.  When I first starting reading blogs about 2 years ago, I kept seeing Bobbi and other bloggers like Leslie  eat all this "healthy crap," as I called it.  Yogurt with oats in it… hummus with veggies (okay, I like hummus, but I had never eaten it with veggies!)… and the worst off all, those weird green smoothies.  I thought to myself – they are crazy and that is disgusting, but hats off to them for being so healthy.

After a few months of seeing Bobbi’s daily oats, I decided to just go for it.  And you know what – putting granola in yogurt is not bad at all.  It is actually quite tasty!  I also feel healthier when I’m eating stuff like that.  And hummus and veggies – well it was not very hard to start eating that.  I just swapped carrots for my regular pita chips a few times.  Done.

So last month I was researching strawberry recipes for my Abundant Crop feature when I came across this recipe for Strawberry Green Smoothies.  That seemed a bit less intimidating to me.  So I made one, following the recipe almost exactly – and it was actually really good! The next day I decided to add flax seed and see how that made it taste – about the same.  Another day I tried making it without the banana – very poor decision! Somehow the banana neutralizes the spinach taste.  I have also tried using almond milk and adding different berries, most of the additions are good as long as I stick with the basics – spinach, banana, liquid (usually milk, sometimes water or almond milk).  I like my smoothies to be so smooth it’s like liquid, not thick like most people like.  So after a very long time of hating on those "crazy people" who drink Green Monsters, I can gladly say I am converted, and I hope you try them too, if you aren’t already an addict!


Thanks for having me, Bobbi.  I can’t wait for our next trip to F&E headquarters!


Thanks for sharing Megan! I am so glad that you tried the GM’s, I knew you would love them.

Question: Is there something you have seen on blogs that you decided to finally try and actually loved??


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