Booty Boot Camp

Sunny Saturday, THANK GOD! :) 

Last night the Hub’s and our roomy Zach Attack went out for pizza and beer, it was fun! I didn’t take any pictures, because I just wanted to enjoy each moment and not worry about having to bust out the camera (well really I was just starving). We went to the Gourmet Pizza Shop and ordered BBQ Chicken Pizza and a pitcher of Orange Wheat..Perfect Friday Night!

This morning I ended up waking up rather early (7:30) , but was not as productive as Tina. I was starving so I made PB and Banana Waffles. On top of my WW waffles I added PB, Fage, 1/2 banana, and a little pure maple syrup.


Plus FP black


I do this great booty boot camp workout in KB all the time, and I  thought I would share with everyone. Check it out!

Booty Camp: 15-Minute Butt Boot Camp Workout


I am fueled and ready to head out to an hour of intense KB. Have fun today!

Question: What’s the one thing you love about Saturdays?

I love sleeping in, being outside, going to birthday parties, workouts, long runs, and spending time with my boys 🙂


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