Fun News: Sneak Peak

FUN News! I am proud to announce the SNEAK PEAK of The NHerShoes Shop.  I am thrilled to share my favorite products with each of you.  Visit my shop at Open Sky and browse through some of my favorite gadgets, fitness products, and appliances! With just one simple click, you can purchase the products and create your own NHS shop to have for yourself. In my shop, you’ll find products such as my sports equipment, camera, kitchen appliances, coffee stuff, and much more!

I will have a GRAND opening soon, so stay tuned!



This morning I woke up and got straight in the kitchen to make a wonderful big breakfast!


Strawberries (can’t wait until they are in season)


Two small eggs


Organic WW Waffles with Nanner + Pure Maple Syrup


I wanted a big breakfast this morning to fuel me for the busy day I have in front of me. I am crossing my fingers this holds me over until lunch.


Question: Have you heard of Open Sky? What would you like to see in my shop?


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