The “Sand” In Your Life

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Mid-Morning Snack

I keep these Tupperware containers in my office that make great nice portion sizes for my snacks, love them!  Today’s snack was a mix of peanuts+almonds.

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For lunch I made a yummy Tuna Sandwich with a little bit of everything.

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Emril’s Horseradish Mustard make everything taste better!

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A little tzatziki (this would be a great scrabble word).

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Plus some Greek Yogurt

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Mixed with one can of tuna.

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A very messy, but yummy Tuna Sammy. I added a little spinach and romaine

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I enjoyed my sandwich with a side of carrots. I am not sure I have ever
mentioned this on my blog or not, but I am not the biggest fan of carrots. 
I know they are good for me so I am trying to eat them a lot more. I do
love Carrot Cake though!

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For Dessert I mixed a little Vanilla Yogurt+Greek Yogurt and topped it with
pineapple and vanilla almond granola.

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Washed it all down with some H2O. Need to be drinking more of this!!!

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I found a very interesting article this morning that I thought you would all love it !
It’s about making the passionate things in your life really count. Check out this analogy.

Big Rocks, Pebbles and Sand

” Stephen Covey popularized a demonstration of Pareto’s principle using a glass jar and a three separate containers full of large rocks, pebbles and sand. I’ll itemize what each of these items represents:

Glass Jar:
Represents the amount of time you have in your week. All of us have the same sized jar.

Big Rocks:
Those large projects in your life that require the most time, but have the most profound impact on your life.

Pebbles: The small things in life that you should do if you have the time to do them because they can add up to be a lot in the end, but really you could stand not to do one or two of them without any great consequences.

Worthless activities that have no value in and of themselves.

Now imagine for a moment if you poured the sand into the jar first. Now try to fit the big rocks in there. It’s virtually impossible because the sand is taking up all the space. The same is true if you are putting the pebbles in first. But if you haven’t guessed it already, you can put all three container contents into the glass jar if you put the big rocks in first, the pebbles second and the sand third. Now they all fit!

Like the glass jar, all of us have the same amount of time in a week: seven days, or 168 hours, or 10,080 minutes, depending on how you want to measure it. The problem that many people have is that they spend their week pouring the pebbles and the sand into their jar – the really unproductive activities that net poor results in their lives, instead of trying to put their biggest rocks first, the things that will make the biggest impacts in their lives.”  Source

To read more click here

The rest of the article goes on talking about how we should make sure that the things that we our passionate about are the things that we should put the most effort into. If you suck at something and someone else can do it better then why waist your time on doing it? I am not sure I agree with the whole article, but there are some very interesting things to be said.

Question: What is some of the “Sand” in your life?

For me:

Washing My Car, Cleaning the Shower, Ironing, Doing the Dishes, and Paying an arm and a leg on Property TAXES!!!
😉 Ok, I am not sure the last one is really sand but I still hate it!


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