This was me today, on the go, on the go!


First I went to a wonderful Champaign Bridal Shower for my dearest friend Erin. We have known each other since the 3rd grade!!!


Check out the spread so many yummy things to choose from. 


oooo la la…homemade cinnamon rolls :) 


More munchies and a delicious champaign punch made with fresh fruit.

9 5

I was starving so I ended up eating more then I would have like to. I started out well, but then went back for seconds and thirds on the mushroom quiche.


We played games…


She opened presents…


and of course there was cake!!! Not just any cake, ice-cream fudge brownie cake. I actually don’t even like cake but LOVE ICE-CREAM cake!!! 


Holy amazingness!!! 


I left the party so full, and felt yucky after all that food and champagne. I headed out to the market for the groceries for the week. I then took of to sweat out all the yucky toxins, so glad I had to teach kickboxing tonight it forced me to workout hard. I was a sweaty beast 🙂

13  D

D came to class and we decided to try and catch the late showing of the “Proposal” which would be my second time seeing it 🙂 I had planned on doing some more things at home to get ready for the week, but spontaneous friend hang outs are so much more fun!!  I ran home and showered and then made us two Green Monsters for the movie!

17 19

I snuck them right into the theater, no questions asked ;).


The movie was just as funny as the first time I saw it! D and I ended up chatting outside for a while and getting hit on by two boys, we quickly told them we were married and then they were so rude!! I won’t expose you to the comments they made.

Well it’s almost 11pm now and I am physically tired. I hope this doesn’t reflect my Monday morning, I plan on getting up and doing some yoga in the morning so I gotta get to bed.

Nite Nite


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