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So true! It’s so hard to not feel like a failure, esp when dealing with kid/mom stuff. I think you are doing great!

Love your friend’s note and I 100% agree with it! Potty training can feel like some badge of honor for parents, with “younger=bigger medal” mentality, but waiting till the child is ready is (in my opinion) the easiest route for everyone. When they’re ready it’s ridiculously easy and you probably won’t even have to deal with any accidents. Always good to do a reality check and think about what’s best for the child vs. how many more diapers you have to deal with.

More importantly, always good to give yourself and your kids grace as you seek what’s best for you both, regardless of how it looks to others!

Yessss! To what your friend said. I felt mommy pressure to try the three day method when my daughter turned two and after two days we were both miserable. I felt shame that I didn’t accomplish what I set out to do and had told friends I was doing. We waited a few months and my daughter really just decided she liked going on the toilet and it was easy peasy. Great words of advice from your friend!

You have awesome friends!

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