Greasy Onions Did Me Wrong

Yesterday was a bit of a struggle. I woke up early ran 8 miles, and 6 of those miles were all under 8 minutes. The run was great, the morning was not as good. I went to bed the night before way too late and only got about five and a half hours of sleep and for me that doesn’t cut it. I guess in a small sense I got to be a mom for a bit. You see I am a teacher and I have about 40 kids I have to come to school and be 100% energetic. But yesterday my glass was half full. I had some true understanding of what moms must go through when they do not get much sleep and have to get up early no matter what! GO MOMS! When I got to school I had some coffee and was hoping to just cruise on through, I apologized to my students for being a bump on a log, but they weren’t so understanding. I was also stressing about dinner with my family and in laws, who have never met by the way. But I quickly came up with a new solution and had made arrangements for us all to have brunch on Saturday:) I felt a little better by the afternoon, and then when I got home I received a great big hug and kiss from my hubby which made me feel even more wonderful! 

That evening we took the family to Market Night in Redlands. Which was a lot more crowded then I had ever remembered, but it is the summer. We did get some of the most yummy plums and veggies. It was nice, except when it came time to eat. You see when we first got there my Mother in Law said that she was hungry and she wanted food so I assumed we should go straight for the food but she was very indecisive, but I understood until my patience grew thin! I got my sweet potato so I was happy but no one else got anything. I was a little frustrated because I really wanted to look around but no one new what they wanted. I guess I am the type of person to get things done, I see something, I like it, get it, an I am finished. But not these southern folk, my Sister in Law is great very laid back and fun. I guess I was just grumpy because of the lack of sleep. Later in the night I started to get a little hungry, I knew it was because I had no protein or real substance for dinner. So we walked around to find something somewhat “healthy”. No real luck though ended up eating some yummy Hawaiian bbq, that was probably loaded with sugar, o well it was my cheat night, and I was grumpy. But seriously there are no healthy options, if so someone tell me!  We watched the fun jazz band and called it a night. Only two more days till another vacation and I am counting down!!! 


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