Guests Guests and more Guests

Woke up early and got my butt some coffee before I ran this morning( well my hubby made it), have to say it was beautiful. Ran 12X200’s hard, and it nearly killed me, which is good because I love pushing myself otherwise I think I would get bored. It’s so nice getting my work outs done so early in the morning it gives me the energy I need for the day, that and a big bowl of oatmeal:-) I did well with eating today, stuck to all my healthy snacks and had a well balanced dinner full of protein and fiber. I wanted to go to sculpt class and lift weights but I decided to head out to support my husband and his softball game, which is always fun to watch and I know he loves it when I am there. It was nice, and relaxing. Now I just have to get up early and do some core work out, I can do it, I can do it, well we will see.

My mother in law and sister in law are coming in to town from Memphis tomorrow night and it should be a lot of fun. My parents have never met my husbands mom seeing as she didn’t come to our wedding (long story). I feel like we have had so many people come to visit us this summer, and my poor excuse for a guest room has been constantly full. That’s one project I would love to tackle, is turning our guest room in to a nice retreat for guest and get rid of the bare walls!

I am searching for ideas to do in Redlands with the family but all I can think of is, the Farmers Market, The Redlands Bowl, and we can always go to Victoria Gardens (they are big shoppers). I don’t know I feel like it is my duty to make this a memorable trip and I don’t even know what to do with them! I just need to have peace about it and enjoy it. Any ideas for things to do in the IE?


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