Grown Up Grilled Cheese

Today turned out pr:) I love it when I am not on a time clock!

My BFF D called me and asked if I wanted to hit up the mall with her to do a little shopping,  of course I said yes! I love to shop with her, we always have so much fun.

The first place we hit up was Anthropology. I LOVE love LOVE everything in this store.


Could have bought all the dishes!


Isn’t D the cutest prego lady ever?! It felt funny shopping in the maternity section…hmmmm…someday 😉

3 4 

What I can’t wear at the moment………………….  What D can’t wear at the moment……

5 8

But we both can enjoy some Pink Berry!


D was so cute, she said my cup was the “Skinny Girl Size” and her cup was the “Pregnant fat lady size” ha ha. I ordered the Pomegranate Yogurt with blackberries and granola, SO GOOD!


When I got home I made myself a “Grown Up” Grilled Cheese Sandwich inspired by Cooking Light.


I grilled up a 1/4 cup of sliced red onions + some minced garlic for about 4-5 minutes. Then I took two pieces of sourdough bread and topped them with 2 tbsp of light sharp cheddar cheese. Then I topped off my sandwich with the onion and garlic mixture, tomatoes, spinach, and 1 1/2 slices of turkey bacon.


I then grilled it back in the pan that I sautéed the onions and garlic in for about 3 minutes on each side. No butter needed! This was the best grilled cheese I have ever made!!! Check out the inside!



Now I need to pack for my trip tomorrow and then get to bed ASAP!

I have a 13 mile run in the morning 🙂 Only 2 more weeks till SDRR!!!!