Taste of the Nations Food & Wine Festival

There is nothing like taking a mini vacation that includes a hot tub, great food, and wine 🙂

Yesterday my Mom and I checked in to the Coast Village Inn in Santa Barbara. It is very cute and homey. It is only 1 mile from the Montecito Country Club where the Food and Wine Festival took place, that way we could walk :) 



Finally I get to wear my new summer dress!!


Hot Mamma!


Mother and Daughter


As soon as we got into the festival they handed us our wine glass for the day. I am assuming that this is one of their sponsors.


Let the eating begin. I was starved! I didn’t eat lunch and this didn’t start until 3pm so I made sure to catch up on my calories real quick.



As well as try some of the best wines around Santa Barbara.





I can’t even tell you how many wines I tried. But we drank lots of water in between and ate plenty of food!

IMG_9547 IMG_9594
IMG_9559 IMG_9601
IMG_9560 IMG_9577
IMG_9563 IMG_9572

As you can see, I stuck with the red wines. I like Cab’s and Syrah’s the best!


They also served some beer. I just wanted the glass 🙂


Oh, I can not tell you how good the food was. There was a plethora of booths full of wonderful things to offer.


The chefs and caterers provided delectable treats ranging from duck confit sliders to scallop ceviche, to chocolate truffles, a truly amazing display of culinary genius!!


IMG_9546 IMG_9581
IMG_9549 IMG_9555
IMG_9576 IMG_9599
IMG_9606 IMG_9608


How about some sugar coated bacon??? NO THANKS! Ok I tried it, a little too sweet but it wasn’t too bad. I just had to try everything 🙂


These Coconut Macaroons were heavenly!


Bacon and Chocolate Popcorn



The best chocolate I have ever tasted!



There were lots of games and raffles to help raise money for the Share Our Strength foundation. I did a fun coin toss to help raise money for Share Our Strength . I didn’t win, but at least it went to a great cause!

“Share Our Strength is a national organization that works hard to make sure no kid in America grows up hungry. Taste of the Nation is one of several culinary events sponsored by Share Our Strength to raise funds needed to end childhood hunger.”



As you can see it was a bit windy!!


Mom and I took pictures in their free photo booth, so fun!


I could live in wine country. (I am holding my Mom’s glass, not double fisting it..ha ha)



A picture with our favorite wine peeps.


The Star Lane Cab was the best! I really like the oaky flavor and almost a bit cinnamony (if that’s a word).


In addition to fabulous local food and wine, a silent auction, fabulous music, and a cigar bar completed the entire event.

I won a picnic basket filled with lots of fun stuff, I forgot to take a picture.


What a fun day!!! My Mom and I loved every thing about this festival and would do it again in a heart beat! Thank you Foodbuzz for giving me the opportunity to attend such a fabulous event!


We are laying low this morning (coffee in hand) , but soon we will be off to find some breakfast 🙂


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