Half Way Through…

On this day in history: “1946 1st driv-up bank window established (Chicago)”

Man can’t wait till the week is over, I am trying to stay busy and positive but I know that I need rest.

Today I went out for a run. The weather was brisk and clear. As I looked around I saw the beautiful mountains lining the sky, an amazing picture of God’s creation. I love that I can just throw on my shoes and go for a run, I think too often I take my body for granted. I was so inspired by the Biggest Loser last night, I normally don’t watch TV but for some reason I love this show, and when I get to watch it there are always tears! Those guys rock, I give them mad props for working it so hard, and having life transformations…..

Running Statistics:

5.26 miles
661 calories
Avg Pace: 8:47
Max Pace: 6:10

I wore my heart monitor for the first time on run:
avg bpm:143
max bpm:220 (shouldn’t I have been dead!)

Still not sure how accurate this thing is.

I did say to myself on the run “PILE ON THE MILES!” even though my hips were tight and I wanted to walk. I think spinning, is killing my legs and hips. I need to stretch more and to do some Hot Yoga on Friday!!!! Do your hip flexors kill after a spinning class?

When i got home made a simple bowl of mixed cereal, Kashi Crunch,Granola Plank, Fiber One Honey Clusters, and Hemp Milk ( sadly my last one). I also stuck a spoonful of PB in. Sorry no pics…..

Well I am off to work, I have a fun post for this afternoon!!! Can’t wait to get it up! Have a happy hump day, PILE ON THOSE MILES!!!!


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