Halloween Hat Party Recap

Picture 543

Last night Hubby and I wore some cool old time hats to our Halloween Party, wish I could have been more creative..next year!

Our Photo Shoot…

Picture 503

Picture 502

What a stud!

Picture 501

I love wearing my black boots! 

Picture 506Picture 504

I got this cute and stylish hat at Hobo’s a cute local vintage store in town. 

Picture 508 Picture 507


There were some very colorful and creative hats at the party!

Picture 510

Lot’s of Appetizers and a Chili bar. 

Picture 542

I made a small plate of goodies for Hubby and I. 

Picture 509

Then we headed over to the Spooky Bar, super cute! 

Picture 518

I went straight for the Wine and Hubby tried the Green Margarita. 

Picture 524

So many choices…

Picture 525

I went with the Syrah, loved it! 

Picture 521

My friend Erin is 8 months prego and she had the baby wearing a hat :). 

Picture 516

The Couples…

Picture 514

Picture 513

Picture 517

I got Mario and Luigi separately, they were hosting the party hard to get them together. I love their costumes, they made them! 

Picture 512

Picture 523

I finally made myself a bowl of Chili and Cornbread, I wasn’t too hungry for some reason. I think that Pumpkin Smoothie really held me over. 

Picture 520

Some creepy dancing going on..

Picture 527

Picture 526

Of course their was a full spread of dessert!

Picture 541 

Better Then Sex Cake; German Chocolate Cake with Heath Bar stuffed inside, Layered with cool whip, Carmel, and more Heath.

Picture 537

Lemon Meringues Shaped like Bones. 

Picture 538

Pumpkin Bread with frosting. 

Picture 539 

I passed on dessert… I know hard!

The Hot ladies of the party!

Picture 535

The Boys! 

Picture 536

All of us!

Picture 544

What a fun evening!!

I am so glad that the time changed last night, loved waking up naturally at 6am!! I made a wonderful breakfast to show you all but I have to get ready for Church, be back soon!!


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