Happy Friday To Me

Happy Friday to me, Happy Friday to me, Happy Friday dear Bobbi, Happy Friday to ME!  This is what I woke up singing this morning, I am such a big dork 🙂

I just can’t wait to get on to the weekend!

This morning I went to go out for my 7 mile tempo run and my Garmin and iPod
were both dead!! I didn’t let it get me down and decided to get to work 
early so I could get off early and try to get that run in while there is still sunlight
tonight. Hubby and I are also playing a little softball tonight!

Like my new Forest Home hat? It will work perfect for this weekend!

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I am so glad I have such a great stash at work. It is perfect for days like this!

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I also keep a jar of this little baby on hand at all times. I really want to
get some of those single serving packets, they would be perfect for work.

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My yummy bowl of instant oats.

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I mixed in half of the banana while they were in the microwave and it actually
made them creamier!

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Check out my latest at Breathe Magazine: 3 Day Marathon Plan

Have a terrific day friends!


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