Before I left my office this afternoon I had a pre-run snack, an apple+peanut butter filled pretzels. This was actually a great combination.


On my marathon training plan was my third tempo run and it went really really well!


The best part was the sunset 🙂


I really need to get a new running hat, I live in this one.


Such a beautiful view.


Check out these stats. I first did a warm up mile at about 9:30 and then took off for 5 miles and averaged 7:56, almost 10 minutes faster!! I love the Running Partner tool on my Garmin it really helps me stay on track with my pace. I am sure it’s on the new Garmin too. After the 5 miles, I did a cool down mile and the did some major stretching.



I was so hungry when I got home I threw all my leftover veggies in my RED bowl and added goat cheese, blueberries, and almonds.


I also had a pita bread on the side and filled it with my salad 🙂


On the side I enjoyed some Organic Greek Style Non Fat Yogurt from TJ’s.



It was perfect for dipping!


After I scarfed down my food, Hubby and I headed over to the Softball fields for a double-header with our work team. They play every Thursday night on a local league in town. We normally have our Thursday night group so can’t make it. Tonight they really needed us, so we decided to join in.

My friend Joyce(BA) was there, she makes me smile!



Hubby was a rockstar and hit two home runs!!!



We had a lot of fun and didn’t get home until 10pm and I was hungry again!!!! So I decided to have one of my Nature’s Path Granola Bars that I just received in the mail, thanks FRIENDS.

Check out all these fun flavors!!!


I went with the Dark Chocolate Chococonut.


It’s kind of of small, but was the perfect amount for my hunger 🙂 I also really like the chocolate and coconut mixture, it was the perfect amount of sweetness. I can’t wait to try the others.


I can’t believe it’s almost 11pm and I haven’t even packed for MAMMOTH!!! I gotta get to it. Tomorrow we are meeting up early for breakfast at IHOP and then we will be on our couples’ adventure!!!


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