Health Supervisor Traning

So guess what I did all day?

I learned all about infections, proper vomit clean up, how to change a babies diaper properly and so much more! Amy (my coworker) and I have to take a two day class all about Health, CPR, and First Aid Safety. Oh I forgot how much I hate lectures 🙁 At least we are doing it together!

Needless to say I had one Grande Soy Misto and one Tall Soy Misto before the day was over to help me stay awake. 

Here was my day in a nut shell 🙂

9am: 1 Starbucks Grande Soy Misto

10am snack: Apple + 10 Almonds

12:30 lunch: Large Salad with peppers, quinoa, 1/2 an avocado, sliced tomato, and tuna.

4:30pm: Zone Bar (not pictured)  

2011-01-20 002

Then I surprised Coach M by going to his away game 🙂 He didn’t know I was there until almost half time!


It was an intense game! It was tied and then we were up and then down and then WE WON!!! So proud 🙂



We got home pretty late so I just made a simple dinner. One Cedar Lane Veggie Burrito with Fage and Salsa on top. Plus a side of corn and black beans.


Now I better go play with this one…he is so giving me the death stare!

2011-01-20 003



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