Happy ALMOST Friday!

Thanks for all the fun comments on yesterdays confessional post 🙂 A lot of you wondered why I don’t miss the South..I am a California girl through and through! Maybe we should convince the Hubby to do a confessional post!!!

Last night I did my third Kettlebells class. We did the second set of workouts for the 14 week challenge.  We learned get up up sit-ups and lat pull downs.


These workouts have BOOSTED my metabolism already! Every time I start doing resistance training my appetite GROWS! I didn’t post any of my meals yesterday, but I consumed 5 meals all together. I think I will start posting all my meals while I do these workouts, I think it will help keep me accountable to truly see results.

They do have a food program that comes with this 16 week challenge, but I have decided not to do it for the first 4 weeks. If I don’t see any results after 4 weeks, then I might think about the food plan.


This morning I enjoyed my first bowl of banana whipped oats this week 🙂


I added extra almonds for more protein.




My BFF Ging needs a loving home for her sweet dog Birdie! I thought I would reach out here at NHS to see if anyone would love a sweet doggy 🙂 Here is a letter from Ging:


My husband and I adopted Birdie about 6 months ago. We think she’s about 8 months old and is a small/medium Australian Shepherd mix. We have an older dog and hoped that Birdie would be a good companion for him, but after working with them for 6 months now it’s time for us to accept that they are not a good pair and we now are looking for a loving home for Birdie. Birdie is a FUN dog! She loves to play fetch, is very athletic, loyal, intelligent and is full of doggy smiles. With a little bit of training she would make a  GREAT running partner! She would be perfect for someone with an active lifestyle who would want a friend by their side.

Birdie is house broken, crate trained, and knows some basic commands.

IMG_0051 IMG_0053

We are willing to supply a large bag of dog food and treats for her. Most of all, we want to find Birdie a loving home. We would be willing to let you take her home and see if she is a good fit for you, if not we would gladly take her back.  If you would be interested in meeting Birdie, please email us at bandgmulder@ gmail.com

Thank you,

Ginger and Brandon Mulder

Have a great THURSDAY!!!!


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