Healthier McGriddle

**Winners of the Taste of the Nations Ticket Give-Away  announced at the end**

First off thank you for welcoming our newest member of the family, I am so happy to have her! I can’t wait to take my first ride down to the beach 🙂

This morning I was so bummed that I woke up late and missed the bike ride with my friends! That’s it I am setting 10 ALARMS!!! I can’t believe how many times I have slept through my alarm this year, it is so frustrating!!! Oh well, I will have to get in some exercise after work.


Today’s breakfast was AMAZING!! Have you ever had a McGriddle? Well this is the healthier version 🙂


I took two ww waffles and topped them with one fried egg and one piece of light provolone cheese.


To top it off I added a drizzle of pure maple syrup. With some OJ on the side 😉


What’s up with the fog??? No June gloom, wait it’s May???



Taste of the Nations Ticket Give-Away


#14 Alyson @ Nourished Fitness

“Favorite wine.. although I love wine, I’m not as educated about it as I would like quite yet. I prefer white to red, and certainly less sweet.. as far as varieties, would have to go with Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay I think :)“

Alyson send me your full name and address so we can get your ticket to you!! CONGRATS! Hope to see you there!

I have another fun give-away for tomorrow!!