New Member of the Family

So you remember how my parents got me cycling shoes for my birthday? Well it was because I got a ROAD BIKE!!!


Welcome Easton (yes I named my bike) to the family.


I just love her! My wonderful friend Rachel sold her to me for nearly pennies.


I feel like I have been talking about getting a road bike for YEARS. When I got her I felt like a 2 year old who got to see Santa for the first time! “I know Him, I know Him” (name that movie?). I love that she has a pink water bottle carrier!


It matches my shoes! You can’t really see the pink stitching, but it’s there!


Today was the second time I have taken her out since I got her. I went out for an easy 10 mile ride on Sunday and then again today. Still learning the gears and clipping in and out. I have only had one little fall. I just love being able to GO!!!!

Check out my cute cycling socks!


After my ride I hit up Jamba Juice for dinner (love gift cards!). I ordered the Acai Immune Booster. Wish I could have eaten at home, but of course I was on the GO!


I had to grab a quick dinner, because I had an AD meeting I had to be at ASAP. After the meeting I came home and quickly hit up my foam roller! Bosco had to give me a kiss first 🙂


Good Pain!




Yes friends, I am wearing a bike skirt 🙂

Time to hit the hay, I have a 20 mile bike ride in the morning with friends!

Nite Nite!


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