So my breakfast “Sundae” held me over for almost 4 hours this morning, not bad! For my mid morning snack I enjoyed an apple and some almonds.



I made another Smoked Salmon Sammie 🙂 This time I made it on a sandwich thin so I could have more calories else where.


Carrots + Lemon Cilantro Hummus!


Wasabi Peas


Plus Tomato soup, which wasn’t the best idea seeing that it is 80 degrees outside..


All together!



So many of you have asked about my track workouts so I thought it was about time I did a post about them. Track workouts to me are what helped me become so speedy. I am not the fastest runner out there, but I am the fastest runner I can BE! When I first started doing track workouts I hated it! I hated that I was running around in the same place for an hour plus. But as I got into it, I realized that I really loved that there was always something new to do. It could be three laps around the track fast and then a rest, or five 200’s (half laps) around the track super fast with a 200 rest in between.

First let me talk to you all about what  X, RI, and 400’s, 200’s, 1600’s, and 800’s mean. I know this is pretty basic stuff, but some people are new to all this mumble jumble so I am not going to assume that you all know what it means. The "X" means how many times you will do a main set. Well what is the main set? The main set is the core part of the workout. You should always do a 10-20 minute warm-up first and then a 10-15 minute cool down with every track workouts. Your rest being just a slow jog.

So what about all these numbers?? One lap around the track is a 400, so two laps is an 800, and so on and so on. The RI, means rest in between. So if the workout was 2(3X400’s) with a 400RI, that means 3 laps around the track done twice with one lap in between. I know it’s a little confusing at first, but you will get the hang of it before you know it.

What about time? It all depends on what you are doing speed training for. I think no matter what listening to your body is very important. The last thing you want to do in injure yourself in a track workout. So beginners start out easier and build up to more intensity. If you have been running a long time, challenge yourself to go faster! Track workouts will push you, and if you have a Garmin I think it will help you tremendously. When I do track workouts I always use the interval training on my Garmin. I will set the time distance and distance rest time. You can also just use a watch as well, for your time.

So how do I get faster? You have to STICK with it! I do track workouts every Tuesday and don’t give in to being too tired! You will not succeed if you take time off (unless your injured). Below I have listed some track workouts you can get started with if you are a beginner or advanced. The difference is you will need to adjust the time. If you can run a 9-10 minute mile, then you should be aiming to run your track workouts a little bit faster (in pink). If you can run a 8-9 minute mile, you should be aiming for 7-7:30 minute miles (in blue) easy!

Track Workout #1: 10-20 min warm up 3x1600m@ 7:02 or 8:02 (1 min rest) 10 min cool down

Track Workout #2: 1 mile warm up 4x800m@ 3:23 or 4:23 (2 min RI) 10 min cool down

Track Workout #3: 10-20 min warm up 1200m@ 5:10 or 6:10, 1000m@ 4:16 or 5:16. 800 m @3:23 or 4:23, 600 m @ 2:31 or 3:31, 400m @1:39 or 2:15 10 min cool down

Track Workout #4: 10-20 min warm up 3x1600m@7:02 or 8:02 (1 min R) 10 min cool down

Next Week I will talk about proper recovery!



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