Today I cleaned house! Mopped,swept,dusted and even scrubbed the bath tub! I see my days off as days to get the check list cleared! But I do take time for myself once in a while.

Look at Tulips they came out today:)


food 016

I love being home during the week and being able to make my lunch. I don’t usually post my mid-day lunches or snacks, because I am teaching, but here is a taste of what I eat everyday.

Snack: A little vanilla Greek Yogurt topped with strawberries,blueberries,half a banana, pom seeds, and some Honest Foods Agave Granola.

food 017

For Lunch, I was creative and made a Cran-cream( cranberry sauce mixed with low fat sour cream)  wrap with snap peas, lettuce, and a whole wheat tortilla.

food 019

food 022

and an apple. Originally I made some soup I picked up from TJ’s but I didn’t like it.

food 026

I guess I am not a big fan of Indian Fare Products.

food 028

After cleaning I had a little snack. Organic corn chips with some avocado hummus!

food 030

I have 3 more hours until kickboxing, need to do some yoga, read for A&P, and go take some stuff to fed-ex for the hubby. Have a great day folks!

Question: Would you rather have a, personal trainer, personal cook, a house cleaner or a personal massage therapist?

My answer, well this is a hard one, but because I can do all of the above myself except massage, I think I would go with a massage therapist. I need a good massage once a week but get one like once every couple of months.

P.S. Bosco loves me staying home.

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