Tuesday Feed Your Soul: Yoga

Happy Inauguration day!

I loved all the answers on the question on my last post, it looks like most of you would love a massage therapist!

I went to bed early last night after kickboxing, so I could get up early this morning and do some yoga. My goal is to get into bed everyday this week by 10pm, we shall see how that goes.

The clock hit 6am and I hit snooze only for about 5 minutes then popped out of bed! Threw some water on my face and hit the yoga mat. I have been hearing a lot of other bloggers talk about YogaDownload, so I thought I would give it a try. I usually do Yoga Today online, it’s free and I like most of the classes.

I did a free Power Vinyasa, Detox for 20 minutes. I like that it was only 20 minutes, I love that it flows and keeps you moving. I like that I could put it on my Ipod and just listen to what I needed to do, because I am familiar with a lot of yoga poses I didn’t have a problem doing the positions without having someone to look at. But they do have a print out of all the positions if you need it. They also have podcasts for free as well! I give it 4 out 5 stars!

I was in the mood for some French toast this morning, so I made a new creation.

food 003 food 004

I mixed in a mashed banana, into two eggs and a 1/4 cup of milk. Whipped it up and then dipped some whole wheat toast bites in it. I like to cut up my bread before cooking it, it makes eating it a lot more fun!

food 002

I topped one side with Barney’s Butter and Banana slices and the other half with cranberry apple butter. mmmm the perfect mix!

And washed it all down with a cup of Black FP Coffee:

food 006


In a busy world where we barely get a chance to sit still, Yoga is there to help us be intentional in slowing down. For me Yoga is not just about stretching and strength, it’s also about quieting my soul.Yoga has great healing powers it can help so many who suffer from anxiety, insomnia, pain (both emotionally and physically) and great to help those who want to strengthen their bodies and learn new ways to become more aware,  in order to become all that one can become in this world today and tomorrow.

How does Yoga feed your soul?


I am currently watching the Inauguration on TV, so I must go before it all starts. I can’t believe that once again I have the privileged to watch History in the making!!!!!

Today I have work, kickboxing, doing the 30 day Shred Video, and DATE NIGHT!!!! Have a wonderful day friends:)


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