Her Friday Fuel: Chicken Pot Pie

Happy Friday Everyone! It’s funny to me that today is my first day of school and it’s on a Friday, I guess it’ better then be on Monday. This post will have to be short because I have to get ready and be out of here in less then 30 minutes!

Yesterday I went running with my running buddy Rachel for an easy 30 minutes, 3.30 miles with some strides in there. It was so nice outside, I loved it! After work I came home and made RunningWithFood’s Chicken Pot Pie. It was perfect, why didn’t I think of this. It is basically like a normal pot pie with a cornbread topping. Perfection!

Chicken Pot Pie with a Cornbread Crust

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december27th 001

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december27th 005

We had Thursday night study last night, and I learned so much. I am excited about reading Love and Respect again, it’s opening up so much now that I am married. I recommend it to ALL married couples out there, or soon to be.


Pomegranate Oats again, but this time I used Natures Path Apple Cinnamon instant oats, EVEN BETTER then yesterdays. I added in some Pom seeds, flax seed, a little honey granola, and a spoonful of AB.

december27th 009

Tonight I am having to make a choice that I am not too happy about,  but I will get through. I am having my Friday workout at the gym on the treadmill!!! I know I can do it it’s just not my favorite place to run. I hope it is better then I imagine.

Well folks I am off to get ready for Anatomy and Physiology I day 1. HAVE A HAPPY DAY!

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