Saturday Snacktrition Winners and a First!

Ladies and Gentlemen we have some winners here, please put your hands together for our Snacktrition Giveaway WINNERS!

I used the Random Integer Generator

Here are the random numbers:

56 Laurel

14 D10

62 HangryPants

Congrats Ladies! Email me your full name and address so we can get your prizes to you!!!! For all of you who didn’t win, no worries stay tuned for another giveaway coming your way very soon. Thank you Snacktrition for the wonderful contest!

This Saturday was wonderfully productive, but I must back up first to Friday before I talk about all the excitement.


After work I headed straight to the gym trying not to get distracted, I knew that the treadmill was there and I wanted to flee!! But I kept focused. I am so glad I did because my run was SUCESSFUL!

HER Workout:

Day 3 of Boston training:

Goal: 4-5 miles with a tempo run (and other stuff but you got to buy the plan to hear the rest).


  • Distance: 5 miles
  • Time: 40 minutes
  • Calories Burned: 650
  • one mile at 7:40 HARD!

I think because I had a plan, purpose,andit wasn’t just running for the sake of running it made it easier. I was proud of myself, and I think that I will be able to do my Friday workouts at the gym.

Before the gym I had one of my WEIL Bars, Goji Moji from Nature’s Path, and it hit the spot. Tasted like a fruit roll up, soft and bursting with flavor. I could taste all the cranberries and dates baked right in. It was small, but with only 170 calories it was perfect! dr_weil_goji_moji_pure_fruit_and_nut_bar_productlarge

INGREDIENTS: Organic dates, organic fig paste, organic cashews, organic dried sweetened cranberries (organic cranberries, organic evaporated cane juice, organic sunflower oil), organic goji berries, organic dried orange peel, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic orange oil.

When I got home from the gym I had some leftover Chicken Pot Pie with a Cornbread Crust from last night. Then took off to Sbux to have tea with my friend Teracita. It was refreshing as always and before we knew it, it was 11pm and we both had to get up early this morning!


Alright finally back to today!

My fuel for the brain at 6am, a mix of Kashi Almond and Flax, with Natures Path Peanut butter Granola. Topped with strawberries and half of banana, with soy milk and a spoonful of AB.

Childcare 004

I had my 8am A&P Lab, it was pretty easy because all we did was go over the syllabus, same as yesterdays lecture. I was out by 8:30am, but stayed around to talk to a girl who lives right near me and is going back to school to be a nurse, future study buddy!

I felt so productive this morning, I ran an errand for hubby,went to TJ’s to get this weeks groceries, deep cleaned the kitchen and dining room, and made some home-made hummus!

The Goods:

Childcare 010

Childcare 013 Childcare 012

Childcare 011

I was excited to find the Tofurkey, it inspired our dinner for this evening.

After I put all the groceries away. I made the BEST LUNCH. I can’t quite tell you to much about the homemade hummus part, but let’s just say it will be worth the wait 😉

I made a large fruity salad topped with strawberries, oranges, pom seeds, and some Snacktrtion trail mix (there is nothing like white chocolate in your salad).

Childcare 030

Childcare 031

Childcare 035

…and I had a bit of Lavender chocolate for a little Saturday treat! This was very interesting because it actually tasted like Lavender!!!

Childcare 036 Childcare 037

This afternoon Hubby and I headed out to a local park to celebrate our dear friend Lisa’s birthday. We laid in the sun, it was 78 degrees not meaning to brag, today and played some Bocci,Ball, an easy and entertaining game.

Childcare 075

The Birthday Girl! Happy Birthday Lisa!

Childcare 078

THE EATS: I was good only had a few bites here and there.

Childcare 081 Childcare 080

Then we came home to make dinner, a little carb loading for my long run tomorrow!!!!

Tofurkey & Whole Wheat Pasta

  • 1 pack of Tofurkey Sliced Up
  • 1 pack of whole wheat spaghetti noodles
  • 1/2 a package of Balsamic Vinegar Veggies from TJ’s
  • 1 jar of TJ’s classic marinara sauce

Childcare 041

Childcare 045

Childcare 055

Childcare 047

Ok I know these pictures look yummy but I have to say I really did not like the Tofurkey it wasn’t my favorite taste, and I usually like everything. Hubby on the other hand LOVED it, that is a first ever!!!! I ate most everything else and picked out the Tofurkey. HAS ANYONE ELSE TRIED THIS STUFF???? Let’s just say I won’t be making this anytime soon.

Look what came in yesterday!!! I am so excited to do this tomorrow, tomorrows the first day of the Sexy Sick Pack Ab Challenge . I took a picture of my abs last night so that I will have something to compare my tummy with in 30 days it will be interesting to see the results.

Childcare 001

WOW that was a long post…man a busy Saturday and did I mention I have MONDAY OFF!!! Love being a teacher:) That is one thing I will miss when I become an RD, the school schedule.

Well I have a 11 mile run tomorrow morning at 6:30am with a local running group it will be tough to get out there that early but, if I don’t make it I will have to run alone NO FUN! I haven’t run a long run since THANKSGIVING DAY! I am catching up on all your blogs can’t wait to hear how your weekend is going!!! Anyone else have a 3 day weekend?


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