Her June Featured Foodie Fridge: Andrea from OHC!

Over the past 5 months I have had the opportunity to take a look into we some wonderful foodie fridges:


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This month I got the chance to interview the lovely Andrea from Off Her Cork! Andrea has such a wonderful food blog, that is filled with a ton of tasty recipes! “The HQ is powered by wine, chocolate, and plenty of cheese.”

Hello Mrs. Andrea! I am so glad that you agreed to let us peek into not just one but two of your fridges. I love your blog, I love how you share all your wonderful household tips and even your crazy martial arts! I admire all of your eats, now let’s see what’s really in that fridge of yours.


Bobbi: So Andrea have you always been a healthy eater?

Andrea: I was a very good eater all through high school and even most of college. It wasn’t until I was on my own that my eating habits changed and not for the best. Gradually I realized that what I was doing wasn’t working and things needed to change. That’s when I started adding in more fruits and veggies into our meals. So basically, no I wasn’t always the healthiest of eaters!

Bobbi:  Love me some fruit and veggies! As I look through your fridges I notice a lot of soymilk on the top shelf of your fridge, are you allergic to milk or do you prefer soy milk?

I’m not allergic to milk, we both just prefer not to drink it. We were big milk drinkers for a very long time going through 3 gallons of milk a week. Once I realized that the cows weren’t treated very well and what exactly is in milk, we switched to soy milk. There’s a lot in the fridge because we buy in bulk. Scott and I just don’t have the time to go to the grocery store once a week. So we go about once every three weeks to once a month. That means our shopping trips are HUGE because we’re buying a lot at one time. We can get our soymilk from Sam’s for cheap, a carton that comes with 3 half gallons of soymilk. The chocolate soymilk I drink after all my runs, so we stock up on that as well. We do make shorter trips when needed to pick up bananas and things along those lines that we might run out of.

Bobbi:  I need to get my Silk from Costco, now that I drink it more buying it in bulk is a great idea!  I also see a lot of fruit and veggies in your fridge I wasn’t surprised Do you eat fruit and veggies with every meal? What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?

Andrea: Yes! I love fruits and veggies and try to get as much in during my day as possible because that’s what makes me feel the best. I always try to have fruit with breakfast, fruit and veggies at lunch, and then lots of veggies for dinner. My favorite thing to eat with lunch is probably a salad along with a bowl of fresh fruit.

Bobbi: I don’t see too many meat products in your fridge except for smoked salmon are you a vegetarian?

Andrea: That’s in another location! 🙂 We have a standup freezer in our basement that holds the meat products. I probably should have taken a picture of it! There isn’t too much meat in there as we don’t eat nearly as much of that now. I used to make meat based dish for every dinner and then I realized that I personally wasn’t responding well to that kind of diet. I like meat and will eat it but now it’s smaller portions and only on occasion or if I feel like it. My husband is awesome and will eat whatever so he’s cool with not as many meat based meals. We do eat a lot of seafood and our freezer is packed with it. And it also holds Rocky’s (our dog) meals because he gets fresh meat, veggies, and fruit just like we do. The freezer actually holds more of his food than ours!


Bobbi: That is so great, that your dog east fresh meats and veggies too! I love that you included both of you fridges, have you always had two fridges?

Andrea: Since living in this house, yes. The house came with a fridge and we also had a fridge. The one that came with the house, I moved — well my husband and a friend — moved it to the basement. I watched! 😉 The one we had we put in the kitchen. I love having two fridges! And actually it’s a must since we shop in bulk and not weekly. We actually also have a tiny fridge as well in our dining room that holds just beverages like beer, wine, and juice. Not surprisingly, we named it The Drink Fridge.

Bobbi: I see a lot of hummus in your fridge, is this a staple in your diet? What is your favorite kind of hummus?

Andrea: I was actually sent a shipment of hummus for review, so that’s why we are stocked up. However, we do eat a lot of hummus because both of us love it. Right now my favorite is Sabra’s Roasted Red Pepper hummus that I’ll add some extra garlic powder to for added umph. Eating that with Whole Foods 365 brand wheat crackers makes me a happy girl!

Bobbi: Man I wish they would send me some hummus to review!!  I see two things in your fridge that caught my eye, the Fage and the Coffee Mate. I love Fage but it is so expensive I can only buy in one at a time where do you get yours?

Andrea: I buy it at Whole Foods and it’s just slightly over $4 a container. I love it because of the texture and how versatile it is. I can use it in cooking as well, which makes it a must have for me. The Creamer is what we use for coffee. I have found a different organic creamer that I use right now and my husband still uses the Coffeemate. I’m currently looking for a better alternative but have yet to find something! I know Coffeemate is horrible but it’s got to work till I find another solution.

Bobbi: Everyone has their vices, Coffeemate use to be mine 🙂 You are such a great cook, what would you say is your favorite thing to cook for you and your man?

Andrea: Thanks! 😀 Actually I don’t have a favorite thing but I do have a favorite kind of cooking and that’s when I can spend a ton of time in the kitchen fiddling with something. For example, making a big Sunday dinner with lots of veggies, maybe something that’s roasted in the oven, and some wine. With jazz playing in the background and my husband keeping me company is my favorite way to spend an evening.

Bobbi: Alright girl thanks so much for sharing with all of us. Okay, last question, if you could have any celebrity to cook for whom would it be and why?

Andrea: I have to say Paula Deen. She’s totally down to earth and very laid back plus she isn’t going to scrutinize or look down her nose at something made for her. She would be a blast to cook for! Thanks Bobbi for allowing me to share a bit of our life with you and your readers. This was a blast!

Fun Quiz

1. Is Andrea a vegetarian? 

a. Yes
b. No
C. Kind of

2. What does Andrea and her Hubby like to do on an evening together?

a. Box
b. Play Scrabble
c. Eat,Drink and Be Merry

3. If Andrea could have any celebrity over for dinner who would it be?

a. Rachel Ray
b. Paula Dean
c. Me 🙂

Hope you enjoyed learning something new about our “Foodie” Friend Andrea!


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