Good evening friends! Today was completely jammed packed, I don’t’ think I could have fit one more thing in.

5:15am Alarm goes off! Headed to the gym for my first day with Jillian’s challenge, “Making the Cut”. I don’t think I knew what I was getting in to! Here is just the first circuit out of 5!

  • 20x dumbbell presses on a body ball
  • 15X dumbbell flies on a body ball
  • 50 fast squats
  • one minute sprint at a 7mph pace
    REPEAT!!! There were 4 more circuits after this!
    I loved it, it was hard and pretty flippin intense just what I was looking for!

7:00am: Featured Fridge Post up! Drank a Green Monster and rushed to get ready!
8am-12:30pm: Work( loving the new job).

12:30-1:00: Ate lunch with one sexy beast!


2 veggie patties topped with laughing cow cheese :) 


Grilled zucchini!


A bowl full of cherries, they are the sweetest cherries I have ever had!

and for dessert Tina’s peanut butter bars! These things are soooo good, I am addicted you must try them so you too can be addicted!


1:00-4:30pm: work

5pm-8:00pm:  Met my BFF for coffee to catch up on life and talk about an amazing community service project I am helping out with, can’t wait to share more details with you all!

8:30pm: Walked in attacked by Boscers and made a light and delicious dinner! I had a bowl of cereal, Annie’s Honey Bunny’s, Zoe’s Granola,strawberries and blueberries in my new smiling baseball bowl I got for $1 at a garage sale this past weekend.

food 534

food 532 

8:50pm": started blogging, and then wanted dessert 🙂 More Zucchini bread! This has to be the moistest bread I have ever tasted!

food 540

Notice there is a piece missing? That’s because Bosco wanted some too!

food 538

He devoured it within seconds!!!! 

food 539 

9:00pm Hubby walked in from softball game! Ok folks must go and catch up blogs and hit the hay early another 5:15am wake up call for this girl 🙂

I leave you with Hubby’s random fact for the day:“99% of people can’t lick their elbow” I know you want to try it!


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