How Many Hats Can One Girl Wear?

Is it going to be Hump Day already?! Man this week is flying by!

Today I wore several hats. I was a wifey, employee, coach, board member and a friend :). How many hat’s do you wear everyday??

Hat#1: Wifey(packed lunches)  Hat#2: Employee at work.

I had the most colorful lunch today!


A homemade veggie wrap with carrots, bell pepper, cucumber, spinach, and squash. I also spread avocado inside, holy yummers!

I loved all the variety I had in my lunch today, from Kashi Crackers to a GIANT peach!


I think the Avocado really held me over, I was so full all the way through the afternoon I didn’t eat  my afternoon SNACK!!!

After work I wore Hat #3 “Coach”. I headed over to the track for my first track workout with the kiddos’. What a fun evening, we did a ten minute warm up and then ran our main set of 15X 30 Second Fast, and 30 second Recovery. We also did some core work, abs, pushups,plankups, and even walking lunges. I know they are going to be sore tomorrow ;).

Hat #4 Board Member: I also had a meeting about Bless Redlands(a community service project I am working on) Committee Meeting. I slammed down a Chipotle Veggie Salad Bowl while we chatted. MMMMM…I had dinner ready in the crockpot for Hubby :). A girl can COOK even when she is not at home!


Hat #5: BFF: After the meeting I had coffee with my BFF Ging! What a refreshing time, I think that fits right in with my PEACE WEEK!

On the way home I spoke out loud about all the things I was thankful for, and people you were ALL on that list!!! I appreciate all of your kind words and I am so blessed by all of you!

Well got to run to bed, 5:00am wake up call, I have a 4 mile run with Fast Jill!

Oh I almost forgot Hat #6 Blogger!!!



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