I survived my first day back 🙂 !

Today was super busy at work, but I MADE IT 🙂

Coming back from 5 days off is always hard, but it was super productive. I can’t believe that I will be leaving again on Sunday and then again next Thursday. I feel like Meghann with all of this traveling!

After work I had to run Hubby to the mechanic so instead of driving all the way back home before KB I chilled at Barnes and Noble. There is something about Barnes and Nobel that is so peaceful. I am not sure if it’s the peppermint tea, smell of new books, or the “chill” music. I have loved sitting in Barnes and Noble since college! It was my second home in college, every cashier new me by name. OH the GOOD OLD DAYS!

Tonight I didn’t have to STUDY 🙂 Instead I picked up some magazines and caught on some emails while I sipped on peppermint tea and ate a whole grain bagel with honey.

photo (48)

After chilling at B&N I taught my frist KB class and did my fist workout since Chicago. It felt great!! I wasn’t SORE at all. Looks like my body is back to normal.

photo (46)

Side Note —->>This was posted on Tina’s blog tonight! I love it. I really want it framed 🙂

Ok time for bed. Night.


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