I want the sunlight back the darkness in the morning is no bueno 🙁

The Women’s conference this weekend was fantastic! I met a lot of wonderful women and felt blessed to be part of their lives for a weekend. We made a little memento to help them remember the weekend and I hope they cherish all that they experienced 🙂


I love these jars, I even think this would be a great idea for wedding favors.



When I got home last night I was so excited to be greeted by Hubby and Bosco, I missed them a ton and I just love being missed 😉 Hubby ordered us PIZZA, I was too lazy to snap a photo, but it was from Pizza Rush so it was super healthy. It had whole wheat crust vegan cheese and filled with VEGGIES!!


This morning I made a GM to kick of the week right! I need to get back on track with my diet and exercise this week. This will be my first week of real strength training and running.



The past two weekends I haven’t been able to get in my LONG RUNS and it’s killing me. I have been in Mammoth or at work!! I was discouraged at first, but then decided that I will not let this get me down and will fight to be where I need to be! I know that missing the two longs won’t hurt me too bad, I just hate not sticking to a plan.

After watching Caitlin’s video this morning I was even more encouraged!!!

Question: When you get off track with someone, how do you stay encouraged???