I think I am actually in shape!

Today was such a great run! It was Rachel, Christina and I. We went out for about 50minutes, doing some down hill strides and a nice one mile tempo of about 6minutes 45 seconds. We were supposed to run at a seven and half minute pace, but we ran faster, and I felt so good. I went home and a protein shake and some fruit, I had a wonderful morning. I did have something funny told by me today by Christina, she told me that her brother had seen me and said that he thought I was either really depressed or I had gotten really active…I think this was a compliment, either way apparently I look better then high school which is a huge accomplishment for me. I get to take the day off from running tomorrow but I will probably go on a short bike ride(just a short one Rachel). This weekend is pretty crazy, were headed to Pasadena for the Run Like a Girl 8k, and then on Sunday I am doing the Tin Man Tri in San Bernardina, then that night I have a softball game! It’s going to be fun and active, let’s pray that there are no bodily injuries🙂 I am a little nervous about the Tri, I know it is just a sprint Tri but I have never done a race on a bike. I know no matter what it will be fun, because it’s a challenge I have always wanted to do my whole life!