Run Like a Girl

This weekend I ran my first 8k and did my first Triathlon. There were six of us who drove out to Pasadena and did the “Run Like a Girl 8k“. It was a 5 mile trail run. It reminded me of my old cross country days. We took off on a slow upgrade on pavement, not my favorite, then on to the dirt. Once we were on the dirt we hit a steep hill that I was barely hopping up, but I made it. Once we were done with that it was on to through the trail and down through the creek. It was so pretty on the way back I felt like I was running all alone, because apparently I seem to always run in the gap. But I finished hard at 44minutes. Not real fast but I had a race on Sunday so I wanted to conserve some energy.I finished third in my age division and won a free pare of Mon trail Sandals! Not too bad. We hung out for a bit after to check out the vendors but they were pretty weak, only three vendors were there. I did get some cool free stuff though, and a new recovery drink from Luna, but the first ingredient in it is SUGAR, so not sure if I should use it.

Well then on to today, I finished my first Sprint Tri, I did the Tin Man race in SanBernardino. It was a 5krun,9mile bike, and 400swim. The run went well I felt good and paced myself for the bike ride. It felt great to get on my bike right after the run, I threw my helmet on and took off. The beginning was good but then we hit a pretty steep climb. I haven’t gotten used to my bikes gears, so I ended up riding up the climb on the hardest gear! But I made it and soared down on the way back. The rest of the ride was great just a little back pain (might need my bike set up better for me). Then on to the pool, through my shirt off and jumped right in, the water felt great after the ride. It had to be 85degrees already and getting hotter. I swam my heart out and kicked butt if I do say myself, I guess the water polo is still in me. I jumped out and gave them my chip, and side with great relief. I made it injury free! I ended up getting second in my division and 13th girl over all so I was pleased, but I know I need to work on my biking skills big time.

Were headed in to our second week of training, taking a few days off for running and then hitting up the track. Still working on recovery and preexercise eating, it might take a while to figure out what my body responds to but I am up for it. I want my body to be at it’s full athletic ability and that means staying away from all that Chinese take out…not that I eat that much.


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