What a fantastic morning 🙂 If I was ever on a Healthy Cruise Ship this is exactly what I would want to be experiencing!!!

I took off this morning with a bag full of clothes, snacks, water, and good reads.


An hour of kickboxing with Michael almost feels like 2, because he is EXTREME!


I quickly changed out of workout outfit #1 to get ready for Hot Yoga! I need to get some more Cool Max workout clothes, because when I wear cotton I look SOAKED!


Outfit #2!


I had an hour to relax between classes so I drank my Odwalla Super Food and read some Shape.


At first the YOGA class was empty, but at 11am it was completely full!!! It was so wonderful :)  90 minutest of a stretching, sweating, and breathing is AMAZING!!!


Right after class I got changed and quickly returned a few things at Ross and found some great stuff. Can’t wait to show you all tonight.

Now I am finally sitting down to my first cup of coffee and lunch! I decided to take a trip to Panera Bread, because I was in the mood for a good bowl of soup and sammie! Plus they have FREE Internet!


I ordered their Veggie Soup with Pesto…HOLY YUM!


And Veggie Mediterranean Sandwich.


Alright friends more questions answered!

Q: Hey Bobbi! Your blog is so inspirational. You’ve motivated me to try different exercise routines to keep challenging my body. I’ve also started running more! Thanks for serving as an amazing role model. My one question is if you have to deal with injuries considering your demanding exercise regimen. I’m battling with some achilles tendonitis and finding that it gets in my way of realizing my full athletic potential. Thanks again for all you do!

The only real injury I have had is some IT Band problems, and a pinched sciatica. I had to take it easy for a little while and make sure I took lots of ice baths and tried to do other things that wouldn’t irritate it as much, like swimming.

Q: Can you add a feature in your blog comments for readers to delete our own comments? There’s no way to do this right now. Have wanted to delete something I wrote and re-submit a corrected comment. Can you do this Bobbi? Thanks.

HELP!!! This is something I don’t know how to do, does anyone out there know how to do this in WordPress???

Q: Love your blog. How did you start getting traffic to your blog?

Reading other blogs and getting involved with the blog community is the best way to start traffic on ones blog. I also tell everyone about it, I am proud of how far NHS has come!

Q: You have the prettiest hair!  Is it naturally wavy or do you curl it?  Share your secrets!

You are too sweet! I was born with super curly hair and they would call me Shirley Temple when I was a little girl and of course I hated it. Now my hair is a little confused some days it wants to be curly others completely straight. When I do decided to do it I just air dry it as much as I can and then add a little smoothing serum by Paul Mitchell and blow dry it. Then I curl it with a big round curling iron in three sections, takes me 15 minutes. I do like my hair but I wish I could get away with chunky bangs!!! My hair just doesn’t like them.

Q: What is your all time favorite food??


Q: What is your favorite book, and why?

This is a hard one, I have so many! I guess one of my all time favorites is “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers. It makes me fall in love with “Love” every time I read it.

Q: Have you ever had an addiction of any kind?


Q: This is a personal question…with your very limited hours for "down time" (going to bed as early as possible in order to be up early for exercise and always running from place-to-place), how has (or hasn’t) your intimate life with your husband been effected? I find it hard to squeeze in time for love-making as it is and I don’t do nearly as much as you…?

lol…this one is a little too personal sorry 😉


Time to go buy running shoes!!!!


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