it’s like being in college again

Today started off quite nice, I rode my bike to the bus stop in my very cute and comfy REI bike skirt, and then had an outer body experience. I totally forgot to eat breakfast, what the heck!!!

You see I woke up early, had coffee, went for the nice 3.5 mile run, jumped in the shower got dressed and took off. I can’t believe I did that, I laughed at myself (in the inside of course). I then made the o’ so quick decision to get off the bus and ride to sbux for a Viviano protein shake and some Perfect bowl of oatmeal. It hit the spot! I am so busy that sometimes I think I need to have one hour of complete stillness, I know I would go crazy because being still is an art I haven’t mastered yet, but I need it.

Today’s eating was all thrown off so I ate a late snack, which consisted of my 2nd and 3rd graders homemade whole wheat bread with pb and honey. Then lunch was more of my Cheesecake Factory salad (mostly lettuce) and some added salmon, almonds, and goat cheese. Sorry for the lack of pics today was just too crazy!

After teaching I caught the bus home, and literally got off the bus rode super fast on my bike to make it home by 6:45pm so that I could eat before the Truth Project study at 7pm. Ya my timing was crazy, walked in the door threw some clean cloths on, ate the yummy dinner hubby prepared, sesame butter chicken(Dream Dinners) and was eating while standing up I do not recommend! I then ran to the car and took off to the study at 6:58pm was a little late but made it safetly.

Tonight’s topic was on philosophy and worldview. Very interesting and challenging to say the least. My tummy was grumbling so I snacked on some almonds and cheese they had out, there wasn’t too many healthy options. I got home at 9:30pm and had a Skinny Cow. It was a very active day, and I get to do another one tomorrow.

I think that God is preparing me for what it will be like going back to school. I already fill like I am back in school. I have Tuesday night study Truth Project, Wednesday night study Beth Moore serious, and Thursday night study One Life to Live. It’s like being in college but without the fees, and it’s all feeding me healthy and inspiring truth. I am loving it!


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