Kick Off Your Shoes

I could not believe how gorgeous it was up on the mountain! It truly felt like summer has arrived 🙂 I just love the HEAT! I swear this has been the longest winter of my LIFE!

After work Hubby and I went for a walk and then threw our feet up and truly relaxed. Forgot how great it feels to do NOTHING 🙂


Dinner tonight was a true treat. We started with a lovely Greek salad and a tiny piece of bread. I loved the dressing (normally I opt it out but it was pre made).


Check out the colors on this plate! There is something about fine plating that gives me the biggest grin on my face. I love LOVE love when it’s plated perfectly, I will eat either way :) 


This apple smoked pork was wrapped in cabbage and placed on a bed of yellow and purple potatoes plus green beans.


Love watching the chefs plate up all the food!


For dessert we enjoyed a small piece of pound cake with a warm blueberry topping and a dab of whipped cream. Hubby didn’t want his blueberries so I got them all 🙂


I am rather stuffed right now. All I want to do is get into my jammies and crawl up to my new book 🙂 I think I shall do just that!

Tomorrow morning I have my last “long” run before my Marathon next week!! 10 miles here I come!!!


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