Last night I didn’t finish checking in all guests until almost midnight! Needless to say I didn’t make it to my bike ride with friends this morning. But I did get a lovely 8 hours of much needed rest.


One of the best thing about our camp is the FOOD! I don’t now what it is about their eggs (no butter in them) but they are AMAZING!


A little pineapple and granola on the side. Oh how I miss fresh pineapple from Hawaii.


I always make sure to bring my mug with me..lots of coffee will be drunk this week!


Best thing about working on Saturdays is the office is empty! I love my co-workers, but I always get so much more done when I am alone.


It is such a beautiful day out!


After breakfast I worked for a couple hours and then headed to the dining room for lunch. Along with 350 other people 😉



I made myself a fajita salad and had some chicken tortilla soup on the side.


I think my first Memorial Family check in was a success!! A few room changes, but nothing too big for me to handle. I think I have learned that one of my talents is problem solving, I just thrive off of it!!


Alright friends we only have until Monday May 31st to sell 15 more Envitotes for a good cause!!! Everyone that buys one will be entered into a raffle to win another one for a friend!!! If you haven’t bought your Envitote today head over to my shop and pick yours up today! Remember $10 from each tote will go to Kristen’s TNT fundraising efforts, but we have to sale 30 :) TOGETHER WE CAN RAISE $300 for TNT!!!

Don’t forget to check out Hubby’s fun Memorial Day give-away, you have until Monday May 31st to enter!!!