Hey Y’all!

It’s the hubs and I am back from my travels from Tennessee / Mississippi. While I was hanging out in the old neighborhood, I thought it would be fun to grab some “Memphis” items and do a give-away on Bobs blog. And since I know this blog talks about good healthy food… I tend to bring it down with my eating habits… As I will be doing today!!!

Here are four, unique to Memphis, food items that I’m giving away… I MUST BE NUTS! Look at these awesome things!!!!!

From LEFT to RIGHT you have the following:

UGLY MUG COFFEE – made in Memphis and was one of my favorite hangouts when I was in college. Good times… Good times. Anyways, this particular flavor is a “Memphis Blend”… whatever that is! Anyways, here’s what is on the back of the package…
“Hails from Memphis. The Seattle of Southwestern Tennessee. Is purchased, roasted and packaged with a little something we like to call integrity. Reminds us of a time before the double mint mocha decaf skim latte ruled the earth. Knows good looks will only get you so far. Speaks without resorting to faux European words, except faux. Understands you. Maybe too well. Works best with one or two tablespoons of ground coffee per 6 ounces of water. Is the latest bundle of joy from Ugly Mug Coffee.”

GERMANTOWN COMMISSARY MILD BBQ SAUCE – Germantown is the little subarb that I grew up in and this place is that hole-in-the-wall, next to the railroad track, drive 30 mins from the airport, place that makes it so popular to the locals. And the slogan on the bottle says it all… So Good Y’ull Slap Yo Mama!

CORKY’S “ORIGINAL RECIPE” BBQ SAUCE – These next two items are from the famous Corky’s Restaurant in Memphis. This is the Original flavor that Corky’s would put on your ribs. This restaurant gets so many NEXT-DAY deliver orders from people all across the world that they have teamed up with FEDEX (another Memphis’ own company) to get these ribs to you for your next evening’s meal. It might cost you one of your ribs to get Corky’s ribs that fast… but hey, you have 12 ribs. What’s life without 1…

– CORKY’S OLD FASHION DRY RUB – This is Corky’s famous Original dry rub. This product may not want you to “slap yo mama”, but you might anyways after you have some of your meats prepared with this! (kicking or biting yo mama, is not acceptable).

So whatcha think? Sounds like a fun enough give-away that would make you want to slap mama’s, throw temper tantrums, and/or leave comments on Bobbi’s blog? Eh?

So here’s how to play:

1) Leave a comment about why you would like these items… for the incredible price of FREE (tax, title, handling with care, and shipped with love may or may not apply).
2) Tweet something ridiculously funny like “@nhershoes is slappin’ yo mamas all across the world with this awesome Memphis-style give-away at”
3) Slap Yo Mama …. well actually don’t. Forget I mentioned it. Seriously. Forget it.
4) BONUS – Leave me ideas/questions that you would like to see/hear/read me comment about. For instance, how did you get so white? Did you spray that white tan on you? To which I would reply, “Yes, next question.” I probably won’t answer them today or even this month, but I will make reference to them the next time I post something here.




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