A Cup of Inspiration

Let’s start our Friday off with some WINNERS!!! Last week I had a Coache’s Oats Give-Away and yesterday I chose 10 WINNERS!!! Check out their comments of who has inspired them. SO INSPIRING! Ladies please send me you address!!!

63. JennyMy dad inspires me run marathons! I want some coach oats :)

30. StephanieMy 19mos old son inspires me every day! I just love that little boy! Any time something gets tough…whether it be with running or life, I think of my little boy and that I will always want him to never give up! This pushes me that much harder! Someday I hope he looks back at me and is proud of what his mommy has accomplished.

42.runRedrun- My amazing friends/training partners inspire me to find and push my limits.

34.Kristina-My husband inspires me daily! :)

58.TylerI am inspired by my Mom. She isn’t a crazy amazing athlete, but she is an awesome woman! They say you turn into your mother and I’m totally not afraid to!

68.NancyI am inspired by my coworker and friend Rebecca. She struggled with weight and self image. She has taken up kettlebells and is now passionate about it! And she shames me into drinking water all day long!

78.By Cess-My Husband is so dedicated to fitness he has inspired me!

22.By sarah l-My dad has inspired me… he can be really focused on something (like training for a race) and he strives for excellence in what he does.

19.By katie-my dad does! he does tris and marathons..he loves them!

8.kateI guess since now I’m a coach I try to inspire my athletes and myself to be the best we can be.


This morning I tweeted the following message.


I was really tired this morning and it took all that I had to get out of my cozy warm bed and head out the door for a 6 mile run with the gang. BUT I DID and it was wonderful! After our lovely run we hit up Shari’s Casa for some oatmeal and coffee.


Did you all happen to see the dog I posted up yesterday?? Well I found out that there is such thing as weight pulling competitions for DOGS!! Check out this website.


Time to pack for our Memorial Day Family Camp this weekend at work. This is my first GINORMOUSE check in. I am a little nervous, but I am sure everything will work out and we will have a blast for the rest of the weekend 🙂



Alright friends we only have until Monday May 31st to sell 18 more Envitotes for a good cause!!! Everyone that buys one will be entered into a raffle to win another one for a friend!!! If you haven’t bought your Envitote today head over to my shop and pick yours up today! Remember $10 from each tote will go to Kristen’s TNT fundraising efforts, but we have to sale 30 :) TOGETHER WE CAN RAISE $300 for TNT!!!



Question: What are your plans for the Memorial weekend???


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