Let’s Talk ABout Races

I feel like the year is already getting away from me!!! Can you believe January is almost over?! I decided today that I need to write down my future race/adventures for to keep me motivated! I don’t know about all of you, but I need a race or event to set my mind on to keep me challenged!

You all might have noticed I haven’t been running as much since my marathon in December, but all that shall change the first week of February, because I have a Relay & Marathon to TRAIN for!! Since I had some extra time on my hands today, I decided to write down the events I plan on doing from now until June.

Upcoming Race Schedule:

I am using all of my Kickboxing Teaching $$ to pay for these races, basically every check will pay for each race, but I wouldn’t mind being sponsored 😉

So what will my training look like? I have always trained by running four times a week, but this time I am going to train by running 3 times a week. Why only three times a week?  Because I believe in QUALITY VS. QUANTITY. I will be doing lot’s of cross training on my days off from running, kickboxing, sculpt,yoga, etc…

I am following the Runners World’s Book called Run Less Run Faster. I wouldn’t mind qualifying for Boston one more time before I have little kiddos running around. If you want to qualify for Boston or just become faster all together I would check it out. (I was not paid to say any of this, I just love the plan)

You can check out my Training Calendar here:

I start training February 16th:






May-June 5th



On to food! I ended up sitting at the Coffee Shop for several hours and had lunch while I was there. A Veggie Sammy with all the works!!!

photo (23)

When I got home I made myself a wonderful snack! Greek Yogurt+Apple+Zoe’s Granola


What a productive day I have had almost everything is crossed off my GOOGLE TASKS and my inbox is organized 🙂


I am off to teach kickboxing and then news is we might not be able to go to work until THURSDAY might stay up late and READ my new book!!! What a crazy week!

So until we work again from work this is what our HOUSE looks like….