Life is Happening!

Hey there…

Sorry for the lack of recipes, 20 minute Tuesdays, and meal plans. Gotta be honest here for a moment, but life has been a lot of fun/crazy these days. From getting a promotion at work, building my Personal Training side business, starting the amazing Summer Shred, becoming a Beachbody coach, and most of all being a freakin’ awesome wife… So long story short this blog has to come last. But I know you all know that and you all are so amazing for continuing to read even when my grammar is horrible cause I don’t have time to proof read and sometimes I miss a day here and there. But we’re friends so it’s cool 😉

So this post tonight is to say thank you for being such amazing supporters, readers, and friends. I value each and every one of you and always love your sweet comments and questions! Please keep reading and asking lots of questions! I love getting your emails and being a part of all of your lives!

That’s it! Mr.B says goodnight!


P.S. Normal blogging will be back soon!


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