I slept like a baby last night! After KB Hubby and I stayed up chatting way too late, but none-the-less, when my head the pillow I was OUT! I am glad I am back to my normal self 🙂

So glad yesterday’s Motivation post helped some of you and thanks for the wonderful sweet comments! YOU GUYS ROCK!


Last night I was watching “The Best thing I’ve Ever Had” on the Cooking Channel and it is now one of my new favorite shows. I loved learning about all the wonderful pizza places around the nation! I decided for breakfast I wanted to add a little more spice to my “Healthier” McGriddle.

I added deli smoke ham. Just a little, but just enough!


There is something about the sweet and salty combination of this sandwich that makes my mouth so happy 🙂 The concoction: 2 Whole Wheat Waffles, 1 slice of Light Swiss Cheese, a little Deli Ham, 1 Fried Egg and a drizzle of Pure Maple Syrup. (350 calories)




Shot of Monavie




Party in my mouth!


Time to SEIZE the day!

Question: What are some of your favorite flavor combinations?