Long Run+Power Yoga+Pizza

Well it has been such an ACTIVE weekend!!! Good thing I took Friday night to RE-LAX 🙂

On the training schedule for Chicago was a 18 mile run. Technically it should have been 20, but last week through everything off. I only have 5 more Sunday’s until the race, here is the rest of my Sunday long runs: 20,16,20,13,10!! I can not wait for Chicago!!

We set out at 5:30 am with water bottles in hand for a real adventure 🙂


We hadn’t mapped out a course so we just did a combination of a little of all of our shorter runs. I am so thankful for Susie (who is doing Long Beach) she is such a great running buddy!


The sun stayed covered for our ENTIRE run!! I couldn’t believe how perfect the weather was. I had to keep reminding us both to remember to drink water. We took a couple walk breaks and stopped for water, but managed to finish in under 3 hours 🙂 Our last mile was completed on our new High school track!!


We are Strong, we are Beautiful, we are WOMEN!!! We had to keep saying this to push us all the way to the end 🙂

IMG_4637 IMG_4638

We met up with friends at Panera where I devoured breakfast!!


The Jalapeño Breakfast Sandwich is amazing!


The rest of the afternoon I napped until my alarm went off for my two our session of Power Yoga! I had this on my calendar for weeks and it just happened to fall on the same weekend I had to run my long run on Saturday!!

It wasn’t just any Hot Yoga , there was a live DJ mixes during our practice!


How cool is that?!


The teacher Phil and I go way back, he is one of my best guy friends from college. I am so proud of him for opening his own studio.


I was actually able to get deeper then I thought I would be able to after my run. It felt amazing! I am not sure I would recommend this for everyone, but it really helped my soreness!

IMG_4646 IMG_4650

I wasn’t trying any moves like this or anything!!


This is the one pose (plow) that I my neck always hurts after. Any suggestions?!


Not only were we having a rocking DJ Power Yoga Session, we were also celebrating Phil’s birthday!! There were delicious cupcakes that I had a bite of, supper yum!

IMG_4655 IMG_4656

And and adult beverage 🙂

IMG_4657 IMG_4658

I ran home and showered, then met up with everyone to go out and continue celebration with PIZZA!!!! I ordered the Chicken and BBQ Pizza, my fave!


And an Orange Wheat from Hanger 24!


Sarah and I toasted to a wonderful day of SWEAT!


Lovely friends!




Sarah and I ate the ENTIRE pizza with only one slice to spare.


After dinner we all went over the local Pub to continue in the celebration 🙂


New and Old Friends..love them!


I had one more Orange Wheat


and ended up only drinking half.


The birthday boy and his love 😉


My love joined us after he got done with his Fantasy Football Draft (oh no I am going to be single on Sunday’s again!! ).


Fun Fun


I may or may not have got my dance on..more calories burned..I am maniac!


We called it a night at 11pm and I passed out!!!

When I got up in the morning my body felt ok but then after being up for a little bit all the exhaustion sunk in and my body was screaming REST!!! So I headed back to bed and rested through the morning. When I finally did get up I cleaned and it felt so good 🙂

This weekend is not over yet, Hub’s and I are heading out the door for a Mexican homemade feast. Suzie is having our running gang over for dinner!! Off we go 🙂

Have a beautiful Sunday Night!!

P.S I am starting to get excited about Fall (random I know) what about you??


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