Last night we hung out with my running gang ate some great MEXICAN food and then ended chillin at Coldstone. Which was the perfect way to end the weekend ;) 

The Guacamole was so yummy, I need this recipe!


Everything was homemade with love 🙂


The Chef


All the goods!




Vanilla ice cream with banana, Reices Peanut Butter Cups, and walnuts.


I was a little bummed the weekend was over until I remembered that I only have a 3 day week and then I am off on vacation for 12 days!!! WELL DESERVED if I do say so myself.

We will be here in 4…Mt.Whitney!!!

There are 8 of us going on a four day backpacking trip to one of the most beautiful places in the world. I am so excited!!! Not really sure what to expect, except that we will be covering 28 miles with not restrooms or showers for four days. Not bad..let’s pray 🙂

After Mt.Whitney we will be taking off for a week long road trip up the coast to San Francesco. Thank you all for your wonderful ideas of what to eat, see, and stay!!! I still can’t believe we have never been there and I have lived in CA my whole life!!!

With all this traveling I am kicking my training into high gear this week.

Monday: Teach KB

Tuesday: 6 mile run + Bags

Wednesday: New Insanity class at my gym + Yoga

Thursday: 6 mile run

Friday-Sunday: Hike!!!

Monday: 20 mile training run and then were off!!! (I know this isn’t the best idea but I gotta get it in).



With all the heavy food this weekend I wanted nothing more then a Green Monster!!


I used half a cup of this protein chi smoothie that I got for a $1 at Fresh and Easy.


It added a little hint of cinnamon and I couldn’t even taste the soy protein.

Question: Do you tend to workout on vacation?

I actually like the fact that I can take my time working out on vacation, I don’t have to rush!!!


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