Love and Marriage

Ok so Valentines Day is in less then two days and I have to get a little mushy and talk about love..for all of you that are single… just remember love is in all things 🙂

I love being married, I think it has allowed Matt and I the opportunity to see God’s love through eachothers actions. I think marriage in itself is a reflection of Gods covenant with us.  I love Matt and I love that I feel so secure when I am with him 🙂 Marriage is so flipping awesome though, you have someone that loves all the good and bad things about you. I know that I am a women and sometimes I can be difficult to live with at times, but Matt loves me even through those not so pleasant times (they don’t happen all too often). 🙂

Matt and I love spending time together whether were eating dinner together, going to a baseball game, or just napping together. I think that quality time with your love one  is a must, because the busyness of everyday can keep you from knowing your love. I don’t ever want us to get so busy things in this life that we neglect the important things for the next. I just challenge everyone married or single to spend quality time with the loved ones in your lives… you don’t get a second chance… this life is it!

I can hardly believe we have been married for almost four years. Matt and I often joke about how we feel like we have been married forever, because we feel so close to one another. I have to say that is one of the amazing things about marriage, closeness. I think a lot of people date or are married for many years and never experience true closeness or intimacy. It’s not really something that you should necessarily have to work at, but at the same time you do. It can come naturally as you spend time with one another, but it’s that time and energy spent together that produces it. As a married couple you see each other a lot so you don’t have to put too much effort in being in the same proximity of one another. But I do know couples that live together, but are not “close” to one another. It’s time to GET close!

I am so happy and rejoice in the fact that Matt and I love being close to one another and feel close (not just physically). I can not tell you how blessed I feel that God has helped Matt and I fall in love more and more each day!

Now in saying this I do not mean to come across that Matt and I have the perfect marriage, because believe me we have a lot to work on. But what I am learning is that it’s not so much the marriage that people have to work on, it’s themselves. When people in marriage, including us, have to deal with situations it usually starts within in one of the spouses. I think the more we try and place blame or find vices in one another the more we hurt one another. We need to work on our own vices and our own flaws and only then can we be happy.

When we got engaged I remember telling Matt that he would have to “Woo” me until the day we died. I never wanted to feel like an “old” married couple that doesn’t do things to love on each other, even if there cheesy 🙂

This Valentines Weekend has already started out great!!! Check out all the sweet stuff Matt has blessed me with already.


Personalized M&M’s!!!


Yep… He’s a keeper 🙂

Off to date night!!!!!


What is the best Valentine gift you have ever received?

Hubby made me a piece of artwork one year that was from the heart!

Do you hate Valentines Day?

Nope, I am lover 🙂

What is your most ROMANTIC date?

This one is hard, but I have to say when Hubby and I went on a catamaran dinner in Hawaii. Nothing like watching the sunset while you dine. I think everything about Hawaii is romantic!

Would your rather go out or stay in for Valentines Day?

Now days, I would so rather have dinner at home. It’s crazy out there!


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