love being an aunt

Morning bloggies 🙂

Up early this Sunday, but I have been the least bit productive. I have managed to read a little Google Reader and make a wonderful cup of coffee. I guess yesterdays events just wore me out!

After kickboxing yesterday I got home quickly changed and headed over to my Aunt Yo’s house for some brunch + family pictures!

The Grandparents + Grandkids + Great Grandkids

Picture 132

+ Spouses 

Picture 136

Great Grandkids (2 are missing) 

Picture 141

Grandkids + Grandma and Grandpa.. 3 girls and 6 boys (one is missing) 

Picture 143 

After all the picture taking I was famished!!! I had a wonderful plate of Mexican goodness! 

Egg, Potatoes, Pinto beans, and a Chicken Tamale!

Picture 128

Love hanging with the family!

Picture 145

The rest of the afternoon was all PLAY!!! My nieces gave Uncle Matt a back massage!

Picture 147 Picture 148

They also gave Uncle Jerry a HARD TIME!

Picture 154 Picture 157


Picture 149

After all the lounging and playing my Cousin Celina and I decided to take our nieces to get their nails done 🙂

Picture 166

She such a ham!

Picture 164 

Picture 165

Not sure she was enjoying the cleaning part 🙁

Picture 167 

Picture 169

So pretty!

Picture 171

Cousin Celina she was also my Matron of Honor.

Picture 174

Only a 6 year old can pull this color off and look good in it!

Picture 176 Picture 179 

My two nieces Brianna and Alysse

Picture 177 Picture 173

After getting our nails done we went back to my house and watched Cats and Dogs and had Chinese take-out, because it’s their favorite! It was a very fun evening with these two beautiful girls, I love being an AUNT!


  • Church
  • Lunch
  • Clean house
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Write Breath Post
  • Prep for the week
  • Kickboxing
  • Fun Dinner


P.S. I will post the Healthiest Cookie in America Recipe tonight!!!