Wii + Pictionary Madness

Last night was a BLAST! Hubby and I had to be at two places at the same time so we decided to make the most of it and hit up both 😉

Our first part was a Wii “Your Shape Party”. My friend Megan was sent the Your Shape Wii and the only stipulate was she had to have people over to try it out. Because it was a “Healthy” party I decided to make these wonderful cookie from my Health Mag this month. I love that they are called “America’s Healthiest Cookie”.

Picture 092

The best part was that I had all the ingredients in my CUPBOARD! 

Picture 089

Oh I tasted them before we left and almost ate the whole plate, so good! 

Picture 090

When we arrived at the party there were a lot of wonderful healthy treats. Apples, veggies, flaxchips….

Picture 093

This party I decided to have some appetizers and then I would have my real dinner at party #2.  My plate…I did go back and still some more chips and artichoke dip 🙂

Picture 094

We even had a fun quiz to see what celebrity your fitness style matches. 

Picture 095

Your Shape Wii time! 

Picture 097

It was so weird how you could see yourself on the TV! Jenny McCarthy was not very accurate, she kept telling me I was only at like 32%..what does she know??!! 

Picture 102 

Picture 105

Picture 106

Fun times. I don’t know if I would by Your Shape, but the Dancing game we played after was a LOAD of fun. I will have to ask Megan what it was called so I can let you all know.


Party #2.

My real dinner, a turkey burger with all the fixings!

Picture 108

and look what was for dessert 🙂 (Meghann would be jealous) 

Picture 109

Picture 110

I had two Joe Joes and a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Picture 112

Game time! We played Pictionary for like 2 hours, it was hilarious!

Picture 113 Picture 124 
Picture 116 Picture 115   
Picture 118 Picture 122

I enjoyed an adult beverage

Picture 111

Picture 117

Picture 125

This by far was the funniest thing that someone drew last night! You can see why men and women’s minds are sooooooo different!

Picture 126

Ok friends I gotta run to kickboxing! Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday morning!

We have family pictures today so I’ll be back later with some fun pics!

P.S. GOOD LUCK to all who are running Marathons this weekend, go kick some BUTT!


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